My name is Pawel and I am a HTML5 banner developer. I can provide you with the best quality service in a creation of animated banner ads.
You will find in my offer:

  • - HTML5 banners,
  • - Rich Media creatives,
  • - GIF animations,
  • - Video ads.

I've done thousands of animated banner ads for companies from around the world, for many different platforms like Google Adwords, DoubleClick System & Manager and many others. Please check my portfolio.

How can I help?

My offer is for both, private customers and digital agencies. All of my HTML5 animated banners are custom designed for your business. I can produce high quality work and turn it around very quickly.

If you you would like to receive a big price discount, you have to provide me with a profesional storyboard of your banner animation (PSD format). For all the companies ready for a long term cooperation, I can also offer more discounts for all of my services!

If this form of advertisement works great for me, why it wouldn't for you!?


“We’ve used Pawel to create numerous sets of campaign banners. Each time he is both quick to respond and very professional. I would be happy to recommend his services” - Alexander Croucher, ACIM, QliQ Group

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“Pawel is fantastic! I have nothing but good things to say about him and his design skills. Quick turnaround and attention to detail are much appreciated. Thanks Pawel!” – Brock Murray, COO, Seoplus+

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“Working with Pawel is a pleasure. He is very patient and likes to make sure he is getting what he needs to make sure that his work is of the best possible standard. We needed some banners produced with a short turn around for one of our clients. He was in constant communication and was efficient in getting the work back to us within the agreed time frame. We will be using him again soon.” - Stuart Sampson, Digital Consultant, Numo Digital

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Requirements for Google AdWords Animated banners:

  • Ads behavior cannot tricking users to click on your ad.
  • Your ad can't be unclear or unrecognizable.
  • Your ad can't contains content that's not considered as family safe.
  • Your ad animation length cannot be longer than 30 seconds.
  • Total size of .zip file cannot be bigger than 150KB
  • Ads layout cannot be unconventional or expanding beyond the frame.