My Non-Discrimination Policy:

I don't care about your physical appearance or where are you comming from. You can be bald, fat, short, black, yellow, purple, a man, a woman, an American, a Chinese, an Arab, a Jew, an alien or a cockroach. I completely do not care.

However, there is something I do not tolerate.
I spent over a dozen years of deep depresion and I've never complained to anyone about it. That's why, I'm allergic to a complaining barnholes, who belive they deserve a special treatement or people who pose themselfs as victims and think they should be served in a very special way.

If you're indoctrinated by any sick, irrational ideology, that lets you think you're better than somebody else, you also can get out of my site.

I have an introverted nature and I do not always fit into the surroundings. I use a language that I like and no matter if you are a billionaire, homeless, celebrity or person next door, I will always treat you with the same respect as the others.

Like Aristotle, I always strive for the truth, which is one and completely rational. You can have a different opinion from mine, but always remember, that the culture of conversation is an argument. So, if you want to argue with me about something, use your arguments very carefully.

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Please read my Non-Discrimination Policy.